Why Economic Impact?

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An important aspect of any new energy project is the economic impact that the project will bring to the local economy.  Local officials typically want to know how many jobs will be created and how much tax revenue will come to the taxing districts.  Many developers report the number of construction workers and direct long-term hiring, but this severely underestimates the true economic impact of the project.  Energy projects create additional economic activity by increasing the demand for local supply chain components resulting in additional jobs and by increasing the local tax base which can lead to additional government employees.  


Strategic Economic Research, LLC (SER) can use economic statistical modeling to capture the full economic impact of energy projects. Using industry-standard IMPLAN modeling, SER will analyze the total impact of the energy project and produce a professionally-formatted and easy-to-understand report of the jobs, earnings and output resulting from the project.

SER has produced over 30 economic impact reports for wind, solar, and natural gas power plants in Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York South Dakota, Missouri, and Iowa.  In addition, SER has performed impact analyses of legislative policy changes to energy laws including renewable portfolio standards and other provisions. SER has modeled the impact of transmission line construction and shale gas exploration and production.