Our Expertise

Economic Analysis

Strategic Economic Research, LLC can provide an economic analysis at the county, regional, state or national levels to analyze the number of jobs, income, taxes and economic output that will flow from a particular industry.


Economic Impact

An important aspect of any new energy project is the economic impact that the project will bring to the local economy.  Local officials typically want to know how many jobs will be created and how much tax revenue will come to the taxing districts.  Many developers report the number of construction workers and direct long-term hiring, but this severely underestimates the true economic impact of the project.  Energy projects create additional economic activity by increasing the demand for local supply chain components resulting in additional jobs and by increasing the local tax base which can lead to additional government employees.

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Energy Economics

The energy industry is a complex arena with both regulated and competitive aspects.  Dr. David G. Loomis, President of Strategic Economic Research, LLC has been studying the energy industry for over 20 years with a particular focus on the Illinois electricity and natural gas markets.  As Co-Founder of the Center for Renewable Energy at Illinois State University, Dr. Loomis has tracked the growth of the wind and solar industry in Illinois and across the Midwest.


Regulatory and Legislative Policy

Regulatory policy is particularly complex at both the state and federal level.  As Executive Director of the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies, Dr. Loomis has tracked the decisions of the Illinois Commerce Commission and Illinois Power Agency for the past two decades.  Dr. Loomis has performed studies to help inform policymakers on the outcomes of legislative and regulatory decisions including the Future Energy Jobs Act, shale gas and shale oil and state telecommunications acts.  The historical regulatory framework is critical to understand the current regulatory and legislative environment.



The telecommunications industry has seen tremendous transformation over the past 50 years.  As an economist for Bell Atlantic (now Verizon), Dr. Loomis has worked in the industry and now teaches about it at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Dr. Loomis has published two edited books on the telecommunications industry and is currently writing a book describing the economics of the telecommunications industry and its transformation.


Demand/Sales Analysis and Forecasting

Demand and sales analysis is critically important to any firm.  Understanding the external trends and patterns of the competitive marketplace and internal pricing and marketing decisions allows firms to have actionable information to increase revenues and reduce costs.  Dr. Loomis has taught forecasting and demand analysis to both graduate students and industry professionals.  He have published numerous articles on forecasting techniques as they apply to firms and industries.


Land Use

Many energy projects and built on agricultural land in rural communities.  Those communities are concerned about the loss of farm land in their areas and the economic impact that could results from the transition.  Using Real Options analysis, Dr. Loomis has developed a methodology for analyzing these effects and deciding what is the best use of the land.  Current agricultural uses of the land is analyzed using local prices and local agricultural output.